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MultiVac R175 Darfresh Vacuum Packaging Machine

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The MULTIVAC R 175 is a compact thermoforming machine for lower to medium range vacuum skin packaging (VSP) applications. This form-fill-seal model offers a comprehensive range of options and sets new standards in reliability, hygienic design and durability.  

Machine Features: 

Package type: DARFRESH VSP

Web width: 420mm Advance length: 270mm

Overall machine length: Approximately 15-ft.

Frame length: 4750mm

Control system: IPC 01

Die configuration: 2x1 & 3x1 in 10, 20 and 30mm depths

Package discharge: Discharge roller

Evacuation system: UV10 for DARFRESH

Pumps: Internal vacuum pump

Film unwinds: F22 top; F22 bottom (both 6")

Cross cutting: FS03 punch; interchangeable to QRF for flexible packaging

Longitudinal cutting: Rotary cassettes for 2 & 3 tracks

Film trim system: Edge trim rewinds

Discharge extension: 1000mm

* Additional tooling can be made to your specifications (At an extra cost)

This machine is Used and operational. This machine is cleaned and well maintained.

Please contact Keith at 973-962-8080 or for pricing and more information.