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K300 Flying Cross-Cut Knife Assembly

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Flying Cross-Cut Knife Assembly for Multivac – Repak – Rollstock Inc – Tiromat Packaging Machines – New

Replace those bulky cross-cut knife assemblies with a reliable and uncomplicated cross-cut knife. The Pro-Pac K300 flying cross-cut knife assembly only has two (2) moving parts (the rod-less cylinder & blade holder), unlike the rack, sprocket, gear and chain on the other styles. The Pro-Pac K300 cross-cut knife assembly utilizes low cost knife blades which are sharpened on both sides allowing them to be rotated for extended running life.


The Pro-Pac K300 cross-cut knife assembly can be installed on Multivac’s, Repak’s, Rollstock Inc, Tiromat’s and other style of packaging machines. These Pro-Pac K300 cross-cut knives can be installed on the above machines with web widths from 260mm – 600mm.